Miss Flora (FR)

Flora was born in Paris, France. she learns her first Deejaying skills on vinyl in 2000, after moving to the East of France, which brings her first gigs in the German and Swiss area . she launches at this time her own Djanes collective "Pussy Power" and gets some early dates in Belgium during the "Techno" years with big names from that decade such as Marco Bailey, Redhead, Tonio and so on. She got various gigs mainly in Germany with lots of headliners like Gaiser, Pan-Pot or Marc Houle in clubs, parties, open airs and festivals ; and also had the luck to play her music in other countries or continents like Slovenia or South Africa. She moves back to Paris in 2014, and begins to produce and release her own music on various labels such as Gun PWDR, Dear Deer Records, Drop Low. Her music today can be described as Housey sounds with rough basslines and filthy vocals although she still loves to play darker Techno sounds like in the old times
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