Miss Bashful (DE)


Miss Bashful, also known as Miss B, was born in Mexico City and raised in Houston, Texas. She now calls Berlin her home, where she is making a significant impact on the music scene. Musically, she characterizes her genre as "SlutTech" and "Slut Techno", while identifying as a "sexy talker" rather than a rapper.

As a sex-positive, female-positive, and slut-positive artist, Miss Bashful's music is all about empowerment, fun, and embracing one's true self. Her bold, playful, and sexy lyrics often touch on important topics with a sarcastic twist. Miss B is an ex-stripper and retired sex worker who studied Graphic Design in Berlin. She puts her skills to
good use, creating the graphics for all of her projects.

In July 2022, she released her first EP with producer DBBD, followed by several other successful collaborations. Miss Bashful and DBBD are known for their hard-hitting, insanely sexy booty grooves, fused together with a stimulating Y2K aesthetic. Miss Bashful has worked with various producers, including DBBD, Stef De Haan, and MCR-T, releasing several EPs and singles like "Muschi Muschi," "Mini Skirts on Men," "Mustang65," and "Sad Slut." Miss B and DBBD are also known for their hybrid DJ sets, performing live tracks together.

Her music is all about making humans, especially women, feel empowered and sexy while encouraging them to have fun and embrace their true selves. As the proud leader of her fan base, which she describes as "The Sluts" or "Bashfulettes," Miss Bashful is determined to spread messages of self-love and empowerment through her unique sound.

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