Stavanger-born Marius (1993) and Stian (1984) started throwing their own underground techno events on the west coast of Norway at a young age. After five years of spending time on these gigs together, they realized how strong they were as a duo. In 2019 they joined forces as Misjn. The duo has made waves throughout the techno community with Stian’s love for melodies and Marius’ passion for darker beats and synths. Their technical quality resulted in performing for one of Paris’s top-tier techno brands globally: Cercle. With support ranging from Pig&Dan to Martin Garrix, it’s safe to say they have found their way in terms of signature sound. Ready to take on the world.Latest Releases Misjn - Arrival / Lingo (Redesign Records)Misjn - Bergsmauet (Sommersville)Misjn - Gigahertz Avenue (Beatfreak Recordings)Misjn - Gigahertz Avenue (D-Formation Rework)Misjn - Troll (Songspire Records) Latest performances: Cercle Festival (Paris), Amsterdam Dance Event, OMG Festival, Utopia Festival, Palmesus, Sydli Festival, Rebüke (Cocktailfabrikken), Pig&Dan (Cocktailfabrikken), Sumo, Cementen.Upcoming performances: Misjn’s residency “Secret Folder” event (Norway).

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