Minstrel (TR)


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As one project ended, another came to life. This is how the story of Minstrel was born from
its roots. Emre Akcay, one of the brothers who had been performing under
the spotlights as Burak & Emre until a few years ago, redefined
himself and his sound as a solo act who combines his trance music DNA
with dark and deep techno rhythms.

Minstrel reinterprets the experimentalism of the Renaissance period with my music and visuality.
When he revealed his first track titled “Superiority” in 2020, the track
acclaimed support from well known DJs, which then hit the #1
spot in Turkey, Ukraine, and Russia on iTunes. After, the success of
second release “Singularis” was no surprise. As Minstrel started to draw
listeners and crowds into his production and sets, he managed to
perform with international acts all over Turkey.

Minstrel defines his sound as an interstellar dark journey, bringing hypnotic energy to
the dance floor by combining shimmering bassline and high energy drums
blended with vocals morphing in and out of focus. The expression of the
old and new components he created between his high-energy sets helps him
to convey the spirit of the period in his own world.

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