Milos Miladinovc (HU)

Label manager of Balkan Connection, Balkan Connection Tech and BC2 Records. Label assistant of dont (by Ogi Gee Cash & Dimiz), Wicked Imprint (by Eddie F), Baires Records (by Santiago Garcia), Selektive (by Vladislav Rashkov), Lovable Fairy Tale (by Matthew Hoag), Classound Recordings (by Luis Bondio), Sindor Records (by Cesar Lombardi), The Purr Music (by Jelly For The Babies and Filip Fisher), Groove 9 Records (by Amol Reon), Genesis Music (by Michael A), Sever Records (by Ewan Rill), Moving Dub Records (by Soulplace), One Of A Kind (by Jelly For The Babies and Bonaca), Northern Lights Music (by K Nass and Rafa'EL), Last95 Records (by Danijel Cehranov). Host (with Nicholas Van Orton) of popular radio shows on Proton Radio “The Balkan Connection” and “Balkanians”.
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