Mike Wall (DE)

In the 90’s Mike Wall made first experiences with electronic music. In this years he started mixing tapes and playing his first gigs in Mecklenburg. But under the name Mike Wall he released for the first time on the record label Modulat in 2005 and thenceforth things were looking up for him. In the same year he played at the legendary Melt Festival and refurnished his studio. These changes brought a fresh wind in EP..s like “Loose Changes” or “She Comes” and let the production seems much more smooth and warm. For the variety in his sets he is known over the border of Germany, because even listeners in Italy, Spain, Greece, Austria and Swiss are enthusiastic about his dynamic sound. His vinyldebut was realeased on the london minimal label Safari Electronique in 2006, where he belonged to the core of producers asides Italoboyz, Delete and Arnaud le Textier. Since then a lot happened and he released on labels like smallroom music, Dilek, Lordag, Meerestief and his own label Orphik.With the foundation of Orphik Recordings he took a further step into independence and he began to pushes unknown artists and labels with the credo of having the best fun out of it. Although artists like Steve Bug had influencing control over him he found his own sound.The symbiosis of techno and groove lays perfectly in the warm baselines, but Mike himself not to rest. Further releases and long partynights are already planned for 2011.
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