Miinuetto (IT)

Antonio Ingrosso (A.k.a) Miinuetto, was born 1978 in a small town near Lecce - south Italy. Since he was very young, aged only 10, he was actracted by unconventional music; so, very young, effectively his artists were: Enigma, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode. Year by year his passion transformed into an interest for dance music, so he started playing the 90's dance music, even though this was not his total satisfaction. What wraps him completely is underground reality which he starts getting into contact by attending his area clubs. Since 1995 the kind of music he deals with is esclusively Techno and English House music. In 1998 he enters the world of dance floor starting with the first dj set based on techno and hardhouse, playing in very important clubs from Lecce district such as "metropolis" in Surbo, "Ciak" and "Operà" in Maglie, support very important Italians artists in those times (as Stefano Noferini, Gabry Fasano, Killer Faber, Roby J) Dark Atmosphere, iptnotic groove and fast rithms do characterize is style as a great use of the vinyl backing, after a period of stand by, start playing again in 2005 opening important festivals and shows. In 2010 he plays to the "Suono Festival" to Parco Gondar in Gallipoli, supports Motive 8, Roger Taylor (Duran Duran)'s dj set. To the BIF in Lecce he opens Skin (Skun Anansie)'s dj set. In the same year he found "Life Spettacoli", an agency with which he organizes different kinds of events, from live genre to club. In 2011 his activity as a producer of music starts; the first track, written with the producer Erroi, for the Italian label "black Catcher" is named Grey Matter. In 2013 he organizes "Pushers Music Festival" in which he also plays. The festival guests the master of techno music, Kevin Saunderson in Guendalina club in Santa Cesarea Terme. 2014 is a very important year for discography production: there is the naissance of the "Minuetto" project. His music is released on: Resopal Red, Spaghetti Monster, Afterwork Sound, My Little Dog Records, Bug Coder Records, Recycle Records, Aenaria Recording, Tulipa Recordings,Subtec Record, Secret Techno Label, Black Shape, Gentlemen Lounge Record and many more.
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