Michelle Shellers (US)

Baltimore, a city with a rich yet hidden musical history, has produced many talented artists in the world of entertainment. Michelle Shellers, native to Baltimore, has been singing since the age 7. It was clear that she had a love for music and was often called “the songstress” even at this early age. With humble beginnings in church choirs and school events, her powerful first alto singing range became her calling card. It was during these years that she focused on pursuing a career in music. After graduating from high school, Shellers studied voice at the historical Howard University. After studying there for a year, she concentrated her ambitions to the world renowned, Morgan State University Choir. Studying under the late Nathan Carter afforded her the vocal coaching and discipline needed to continue her musical pursuits. She channeled those experiences and gained the confidence and determination to continue to accomplish her musical objectives. During her final year with the Morgan State Choir, the opportunity to record was presented to her. She recorded her first single entitled “Rise” in 1999. This Dance hit collaboration was released with the production team, Soul Providers a year later in 2000. “Rise” created the opportunity for Shellers to perform in the U.S as well as abroad in places such as The Netherlands, Brazil, Moldova, France and Lebanon. The success of her first single placed her in front of crowds of more than ten thousand in international territories. It also positioned her to appear on international television shows and in local festivals. The single has been dubbed a club classic and is still getting played in clubs all over the world. Although her first hit song was a Dance track, her musical training allows her the flexibility to perform opera, jazz, soul and a few other genres of music. Shellers’ current endeavors, including a full length album, continued live performance, and advocacy for musician’s rights as a voting member of the The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, encompass the breadth of her musical experiences emanating in Baltimore but spanning the globe.
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