Michel Kuklinski (NL)

Speaker (David Lewis Productions)
Michel Kuklinski, Senior Agent at David Lewis Productions, has been active in the worldwide dance business for 10+ years. With his specific expertise of the Asian market, Michel deals with some of the most demanding issues facing the DJ scene on a daily basis and he has witnessed the music industry develop from the inside out. DAVID LEWIS PRODUCTIONS was set up in 1995 and already since the early days the agency has been well represented in the Asia-Pacific region on a very regular basis. This resulted in the expansion with DAVID LEWIS PRODUCTIONS ASIA-PACIFIC LIMITED, that was founded in July 2008 with an actual permanent base in Hong Kong. DAVID LEWIS PRODUCTIONS has witnessed the industry grow in Asia and has actually been part of it as well. With the Company already being present in Asia for almost a decade, the Agency has a solid base to keep continuing to contribute to the growth and development of Electronic Music in Asia.
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