Michail Stangl (DE)

Speaker (Director Germany / Host / Lead Programmer of Boiler Room)

Director Germany / Host / Lead Programmer of Boiler Room

Michail Stangl has been for over a decade one of the progressive forces in the global underground music scene, converging avant-garde, pop and underground culture. As one of Boiler Room’s lead curators and faces he contributed in the past twelve years significantly to Boiler Rooms phenomenal rise to become the world's leading underground music platform. ⁣He is also one of the curators of the annual CTM Festival, one of the world’s most important happenings for experimental and new forms of club music and has been running series of cutting-edge events at the world-famous Berghain club, on top of an internationally touring DJ. Recently he has joined Zora, an open-source ecosystem for NFT and Web3 infrastructure where he investigates new models of agency and empowerment for creative communities through the emerging Web3 technologies.

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