Michael VonPlon ()

Michael Vonplon was drawn to Beijing in 1996 after living for three years in Hong Kong. His involvement in establishing a subculture music movement in China was decisive. The most spectacular events of the early times were the first music festival on the Great Wall of China in 1998 and a two-day outdoor festival in Kunming’s Stone Forest in 2001. Since then the exchange of ideas and projects kept strengthening and is today more lively than ever. Out of this extensive knowledge and practical experience his label China Drifting was born. From the beginning the aim was to showcase performing artists and urban art from China in Europe and to create a platform for exchange. China Drifting and the exchange focuses on people, and is committed to a lively global dialogue without hypocritical smarm. Today, numerous artists (and audiences) benefit from the “China Drifting” network.
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