During the course of his career, Lampe has been a vital catalyst in the exposure and development of Caribbean dance music across the globe. Born in Aruba, he grew up in the midst of the island’s vibrant musical heritage, one unbrokenly fueled by traditional styles coalescing into new exciting forms. The high-octane, giddy pulse of soca, the bass-heavy vibrations of bubbling, the spiritual march of the tambú; all of these musical strands are the result of communion between people of different cultural backgrounds. Through projects such as Datapanik and his former DJ moniker Fellow, Lampe has made it his lifelong mission to unearth his own story within this rich, ever-expanding canon of club music. Often traveling between his place of birth and his adopted home of The Netherlands, he is an artist who bridges two disparate worlds; one leg planted into the oral history of Caribbean music, and the other caught up in the quest for the cutting-edge across the European club scenes. That avid search has gifted Lampe with a close-knit network of friends, admirers and collaborators, from Major Lazer’s Diplo and Jillionaire to Aruban folk masters. After a five-year detour within the Aruban parliament in a bid to improve and vitalize the island’s musical infrastructure, Lampe returns to his musical roots once again with Flying Park, with newly established connections and wisdom under his belt. His music is a hybrid blend of nostalgic island folk-music, beat-driven carnival music, bubbling and a cultural blend of musical styles and languages, infused with an ocean of analogue synthesizers.

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