Mc Taylor (NL)

They always say a DJ can make (or break) the vibe, but what is a party without a great MC?… Taylor is more than about that; for that reason he’s the MC without “MC” written in his name: He is Taylor! The man, born als Mitchel Vliet (1991), always creates this crazy hyped vibe in the club and takes every DJ to a higher level. If it’s either about singing, rapping, hyping or “pleasing” the ladies; nobody hosts a party like Taylor does. With his own sound en characteristic vocals Taylor is not only a star on stage but also soon to be one in the charts. As a songwriter and vocalist he’s about to drop some exclusive releases for the dance scene. Some of those tracks are part of the releases regarding THE MACHINE: a team-up act together with Johnny 500. THE MACHINE has it’s own residential club night in Amsterdam’s Jimmy Woo and is about to release several EP’s and singles. A MC who knows how to entertain, sing, rap and has the quality to make everybody in the club feel at home, even the DJ: a reason for many clubs and festivals to make Taylor their host. Taylor sets records.
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