Maya J (NL)

Newest family member Maya J aka Jeroen van der Beek is joining our DJ-team. He has been playing and partying with us since the summer and we got really fond of his music, performance and personality. The man behind Nachtritme is your friendly neighbor DJ and has been grooving with people whenever. Back in the day, when everyone else was into sports and other stuff, Jeroen would be checking out everything ranging from hip-hop & rap to techno & house. These are the genres that inspired his taste and view on music. If you witness him play you'll notice his set is energetic, funky with edges of deep house, tech house and some downplayed techno. An unique sound, one we recommend you to groove to on a weekly basis. https://soundcloud.com/maya-j/mixtape-monday-x-maya-j-from Looking back on 2012, Jeroen holds great memories to Buiten Westen. Maya J provided the tunes in the totally pimped promotional caravan at Amsterdam Open Air. And in the end we all rocked the secret stage together. Lazy Sundays was a beautiful experience and playing at BLA BLA x Next Monday's Hangover during ADE is another gig down on his bucket list. We all look forward to his grooves taking over Amsterdam the coming year. Inviting this guy into your booth comes with guarantees.
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