Maximiljan (DE)

You might have come across his name more often in the last couple of months. and if not, you damn sure heard the music he has been responsible for, during your weekends out. Maximiljan has given his touch to numerous of different productions and thereby became an established name when it comes to creating music. Moreover his feel for the right sound and the zeal for innovation not only mirror in his productions, but particularly in his sets, which he plays with total commitment and a subtle sense for the audience. Releases on substantial Labels like Mobilee, Noir Music or Liebe*Detail got him support by some of the biggest names in House and Techno and collaborating regularly with his friend and partner Tapesh effectively introduced him to a bigger audience. Calling him a real music enthusiast is no exaggeration, as his style seems to be adaptable in so many ways. Whether it’s Old School, New School, House or Techno, he never ceases to thrill the listener with the music he plays. Maximiljan has been on the move for several years by now and played venues in London, Barcelona, Zürich, Warsaw or Lisbon, just as a range of clubs all over Germany and the Netherlands. Born and raised in Neuss (near Düsseldorf, Germany), he recently relocated to Amsterdam for a change of scenery and is now ready to take on what’s ahead of him.
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