Maurits Kappar (NL)

Maurits was born in the former Dutch colony of Surinam and raised in the Netherlands. As a teenager he was a huge hip hop fan, but when he discovered reggae music and Rastafari livity, Maurits found his passion and mission in life. Reggae music brings people together with its strong message of love and unity, but at the same time it teaches people that the struggle is real and we need equal rights and justice for all. As a black man living in Holland, Maurits could totally relate to this message and he has been promoting reggae ever since. Over 10 years ago, he opened a reggae bar in Amsterdam-Oost. Café The Zen has become a true ‘reggae hub’, which draws a diverse crowd of locals, reggae lovers and (inter)national tourists. In recent years Maurits has joined forces with stages such as P60, Melkweg, De Flux and Q-Factory to bring more reggae to the people. He is the embodiment of the Grenadian revolutionary slogan ‘Forward ever, Backward never’.
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