Matteo Spedicati (IT)

Matteo Spedicati was born in Cagliari in 1980. Grows his passion for music since he was very young with the study of guitar. He spent his teenage time together with friends between studio jams and garage bands, but in the years that following Through the experimentation of sequencers he realized that not only could compose his guitar riffs but also scores of other instrumental elements. As soon as he began to attend the world of the european clubs, Matteo is especially excited for the minimalist style of the period that prevailed in the electronic music scene. In 2006 he released his first single on Gumption Recordings of Darmstadt. From that moment he begins a series of brilliant releases support by the most famous DJs and producers around the globe such as Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin , Karotte and many others..He has worked with Joseph Capriati on CMYK e Alchemy, with Alessio Mereu on Toy for Boys, with Mr. Bizz on Tuning Spork and Resopal, with Mendo on Great Stuff. In 2008 together with Andrea Ferlin Clarissa Hazel Duo project was born featuring organic and sometimes psychedelic, strongly supported by Marco Carola, Luciano, Locodice, Ellen Allien. The ability of Matteo ad a dj are assured as his skills as producer, delivered by an extremely personal selection and a very precise technique, which results in a musical line that can shake any dancefloor maintaining always a good level of class and sophistication.
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