Mastering Black (NL)


Darkness enshrouded the city, replacing warm crepuscular air with a fresh nightly breeze that seemed to creep between the gaps in his clothes. Looking down, the tiny hairs on his arm had stood upright in lew of the falling temperature. It really was time to head home. His family were expecting him back. Though something eerie summoned him to stay, something in his gut said to walk, walk out in the night and face the silence that awaited him in those open fields on the outskirts of the city. The last light of sunset danced its way to darkness and he was alone, but this was what he wanted.

Ilker Soylu is a man of many guises. He returns under his Mastering Black alias, breaking the silence of a three-year hiatus with a broody and atmospheric four-track EP. This release rides electro BPMs for the title track ‘Obey’ and the ‘Obey’ rework on the B side, contrasted with A2 ‘Black Palms’ and B2 ‘Master Love’ that chug with tension around a slower BPM.

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