Mary Croghan (US)

Mary Croghan is CFO of Liaison Artists, a San Francisco based booking agency. Having used venue capacity at various price points as her models for statistical analysis in college, she knew music and business would always be her future, far beyond computing the rave’s breakeven point. With a degree in International Business and a strong background in accounting her love of the two continues. As a managing partner in music labels, a record store and conceptual clothing store in San Francisco, she met many of the people who would lead her to the next level of supporting the dance scene: preparing tax returns. Having now been with Liaison Artists for over 5 years, she has spearheaded some of the most aggressive efforts in the U.S. to not only put process into place with the ever-changing tax laws, but to help foreign artists manage this new and often painful landscape. By either applying for a tax reduction in advance of touring by way of a Central Withholding Agreement (CWA) or learning how and where to file a tax return in order to get the withheld money back, making everyone less fearful of their tax fate is her goal on a daily basis.
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