Mari.te (ES)


Caracas-born DJ and Tresydos label boss Mari.te is an evergrowing presence in the international music panorama. Since moving to Spain in 2018, the year she launched her record label and event series Tresydos, her talent and recognition for elegantly blending a full spectrum of house-infused underground dancefloor music has nothing but grown.

After living in New York, where she fostered a close, collaborative relationship with the Resolute crew, Mari.te moved to Madrid and kick-started Tresydos, the output for her musical vision and a platform aimed at collaboration with a broad spectrum of talents. Releasing music by friends and artists she admires on both vinyl and digital formats, Tresydos is the reflection of Mari.te’s dedication, discipline, and genuine love for dance music.

Mari.te’s reputation attracted the attention of the most noticeable venues and promoters worldwide in recent years, impacting every city she visits with her humble and charismatic presence and an excitingly danceable, often light-hearted, consistently careful curation of records.

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