Marco Baldino (IT)

Was born in Calabria in 1990, looking early on the music scene, only 14 years debuting in the pre- mises of the Ionian coast Calabrian experimenting and forming on different genres of music from deep house to the most underground sound, managing to complete his profile in Milan in 2009 graduating at "The Academy of Sound" as AUDIO engineer, also obtaining the certificate of Opera- tion Pro TOOLS 101/110/201. In 2010 he began his career as a producer experiencing sound related to the deep house genre. To date it can boast collaborations with important names of the Italian music scene, international and global among which Alex Neri and Joe T. Vanelli, has cast several consoles of Top Italian and Ger- man clubs, such as the taboo of Gubbio that stands out to be among the most representative eve- nings of the Italian underground panorama. He is currently the resident DJ of the Aqua Liquid Music, which for years has been one of the most glamorous locations in southern Italy, a fixed stage for the lovers of a more sophisticated concept of summer club. The author of a particular sound, refined but at the same time underground, manages to capture the pleasure even of the neophytes of the genre.
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