Marc JB (GB)

JB is just one of a long line of accomplished musicians, his father owned a chain of music shops specialising in synthesisers whose sound dominating 80s music. Both his parents are accomplished pianists and his grandfather, Jack Jackson, was not only a celebrated trumpeter and bandleader, but also a pioneering radio DJ, often referred to as the ‘Grandaddy of radio' and went on to influence the DJ styles of Kenny Everett and Noel Edmonds. At the tender age of 4, JB was ambling through the grounds of his uncle’s studios when he bumped into the imposing figure of Lemmy from Motorhead. This chance meeting inspired JB and it was from here he developed his ambition to produce. He later became a runner at Jackson Studios (Denham), setting up recording sessions on Trident mixing desks, this provided his first real taste of studio work.
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