Manuel Zeeman (PT)

Manuel Zeeman, aka Smooth Talkin, is a Dutch-Portuguese hybrid residing in Amsterdam who, among a whole set of creative activities, has also been a DJ in the active for about 15 years. His double nationality, wide range of occupations (also a designer, visual artist and photographer) and relentless curiosity often come together in colorful, moving DJ sets, mixing and exploring genres that go from soul, hip-hop, afro beat to funk, disco, house, deep house and deep techno. They reflect more than 20 years of a very personal and almost obsessive relationship with music on all its shapes and moods. And so is his experience behind the turntables. From festivals such as Lowlands to beach clubs in Portugal and Spain, from techno clubs to jazz halls, he's had a taste of most things revolving music in all its settings. Berlin, Amsterdam, Seville, Rotterdam, Lisbon, Hamburg, are some of the places his record bag has taken him, and where he left behind the image of a DJ with a very positive and clear view of what it is to be deeply in love with music while still having a foot on the dance floor.
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