Malli Yorks (NL)

Malli Yorks, a producer from Almere. At an early age he made different kinds of music. He spent his days behind a drum set until he discovered how to make dance and house music with samples and synthesizers on the computer. He created lots of creative beats and sounds in cooperation with other producers. He also worked with singers from different genres to create his own unique sound. His passion to become a famous dj grew tremendously as he went along. He decided to buy a turntable in the summer of 2009. It didn’t take long before he had his first gig, and many more followed. After a year he was performing at big parties like Funkadelic, Classified, De Verleiding and In Your Face. From that moment he kept playing mainly one style of house music- soulful house music. Record labels like Defected and Strictly Rhythm are a great inspiration to him for making electronic dance music. Malli Yorks created his own discography in the first two years of his career. His style of performance as well his own productions are continually being appreciated, and this resulted in more gigs. This talented dj likes to spin tracks that are not often heard.
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