Maarten van Denderen (NL)

Maarten van Denderen has been working in the insurance industry for over 12 years. He now works for J&H Verzekeringen, an insurance agency that mainly operates in the cultural sector. Besides that, Maarten founded No Risk Events in 2009. No Risk Events is a company that caters to the (electronic) music industry and that quickly grew to be one of the largest event insurance agents in the country. At the moment No Risk Events insures 350 events in the Netherlands, and 150 worldwide. Being in contact with event organisers a lot, Maarten noticed a lack of insurance possibilities for artists, and especially for DJs. Up until now, there hasn’t been an insurance package tailored towards the needs of DJs. That’s why he recently came up with the idea of developing a non-appearance insurance policy for artists. This policy secures artists’ earnings when they are unable to perform due to circumstances beyond their control. No Risk Events also offers cancellation insurance, liability coverage and an income protection package for artists. All the crew and the materials that come along on music tours can be insured as well. Furthermore, in collaboration with law firm Schipper Legal, No Risk founded ‘Kantoor van de Nacht’ / ‘Nightlife Clerks’ this year. The Nightlife Clerks share their network and they organise interviews, meetings and panels. They bring people from the industry together.
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