Lydia Eisenblätter (DE)

Artist & Speaker

The basic harmony of the heart is energy. If you look around for creative minds in the German techno scene, you will quickly come across the name Lydia Eisenblätter. With her energetic, analogue, straight sound, she had a striking reflection of her personality pressed on vinyl, founded her own label and released exciting records. With her label OAM she showed courage and the right feeling for good sound, which is reflected in her worldwide collaborations. During her gigs, Lydia exudes an authentic mixture of honest, heartfelt basic harmony and dynamic, uneven, rough edges of her personality, which make their way onto the dance floor inthe form of driving tracks. In her own releases you will find very personal elements of her soul, which, like the fragments of a disco ball, she knows how to combine into a beaming something. Her unique style has been able to develop over many years and numerous well known personalities from the techno scene have been her companions and sponsors.

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