Lumertz (BR)


LUMERTZ is a Brazilian DJ and producer currently based in Melbourne, Australia. His music style is built on top of percussive grooves and hypnotic synths inspired by classic Detroit and Berlin Techno. With presentations couched by an intense and energetic rhythm, LUMERTZ guides the dance floor on an intense trip full of looped sounds that aim to awaken the crowd's deepest feelings.

During his trajectory, LUMERTZ has been conquering his space not only in the Australian scene but also started to project his name out in the world by building a solid name for himself through his songs. Proof of that can be seen by the support in festivals and clubs like Awakenings, DGTL, Hör, Sonus, Monegro, Neopop, Watergate, Space Miami and by artists such as Richie Hawtin, Juliet Fox, Lea Occhi, Anika Kunst, Justine Perry, Alex Stein and many more. In 2023, after a 'rebranding' period for self development as a producer, he started to release his songs again with a new strong identity. Starting the year with a release on 'Noise Music', the oldest and one of the biggest Brazilian Techno labels, followed by one on 'Tronic', one of the most iconic and important Techno labels in the world.

With no doubt LUMERTZ can be seen consolidating his steps in the world's music scene and presenting himself as a name to be kept in mind of the new generation of Techno artists.

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