Lucille Werner (NL)

Speaker (Member of Parliament for CDA)

Lucille Werner (1967) has been a member of parliament for the Political Party ‘CDA’ since March 31, 2021. Previously she was a television producer and presenter, known for television programs such as Get the Picture, Lingo and Mis(s)election.

Throughout her career Lucille, who was born with a physical disability, has dedicated herself to people with disabilities. In 2006, for example, she founded the Lucille Werner Foundation: a foundation with the aim of creating a powerful and positive image for people with disabilities, so they can more easily integrate into society.

As a member of parliament Lucille is concerned with long-term care, disability policy, informal care, media, culture and emancipation, among other things.


"I know better than anyone how it feels to be looked at. Because you are different. And what consequences that can have. For school, for work and for making friends. Shame and exclusion are behind this. You want to participate but you do not know how. Standing up for those people is what drives me, previously in my television work and now as a politician. We are not all equal, but we are equal. And every person deserves a chance to pursue happiness. Whether you are older, part of the LGBTQ+ community, have difficulty reading and writing, live in poverty, or have a disability. We need everyone."

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