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Growing up, Linda was always fascinated by music events. At the age of 14 she snuck into her first rave and from there her passion for music and the lifestyle was set. Wanting more of the music scene, Linda started by spending her free time working at festivals and events. The gateway opportunity would eventually lead her to Q-dance where she started working at the administration department. Linda’s potential and love for music was quite obvious and after only a few months she was promoted to manage artists and music. The pivot to artist management became the foundation of her career. Having worked her way up the ladder at Q-dance, Linda would become a music manager which eventually would include responsibilities for the overall music strategy of the company. As Linda appreciated music of all genres, she began to experiment mixing music styles from various producers and artists. The process of creating an idea together with the artists and then turning that into something tangible was one of her strengths. One memorable result of her musical ingenuity was a 40-member orchestra as the opening show of Qlimax. Another achievement was when she “crossbred” the Dutch rap group “The Opposites” in collaboration with a Hardstyle artist. The first crossbreeding of this type between these two genres helped set the tone within the Hardstyle genre to begin collaborating with different types of genres. In 2013, Linda started her own agency along with two partners. After a year, the partners bowed out but and Linda would forge ahead with Bad Manor. Bad Manor started out as a music label, creative services and artist management agency and evolved to focusing on artist management. The BDMNR roster holds the following names: Cat Carpenters, Rocky Wellstack and The Boy Next Door. There have been a handful of achievements but the biggest as yet is the Record for the summer hit ‘La Colegiala’ by The Boy Next Door. And with The Boy Next Door she hits platinum with the world hit single “Whenever” a re-make of Shakira’s hit song, a collaboration with Kris Kross Amsterdam and Coner Maynard. This year next to her own company she started working at one of the biggest management agencies of Holland SPEC Management, where the biggest artists in Urban are represented like Ronnie Flex, Boef and best female artist Famke Louise. And producers like $hirak and Jordan Wayne. She represents Famke Louise and $hirak, who won best European artist and best worldwide artist at the MTV EMA’s 2018. Linda believes music can’t be defined, labeled and cornered. Creativity is freedom and with that perspective she looks at the art of music and pushes her artists to thrive and make sure that they don’t push them self in a corner rather always expand their musical horizon.
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