Lilian Bours (NL)

Speaker (CMO, MatchWornShirt)

Lilian Bours is a seasoned marketer and storyteller who is passionate about brand building, technology and sports. For almost three decades, Lilian worked at Nike, where she held both regional and global leadership positions. She was part of Nike Football from the start and played a major role in the brand’s positioning and growth in this sport, focusing relentlessly on football obsessed consumers and working closely teams and players. Living in the United States, she experienced first-hand the many ways in which sports and culture seamlessly intersect and the importance to stay relevant as a brand. After Nike, Lilian worked at the Chinese tech giant Huawei, transforming it from a tech to a consumer brand. Her current position is CMO at MatchWornShirt – an Amsterdam-based start-up whose business model is to make the match-worn & signed shirts of football players available to fans through exclusive live auctions. To this position, Lilian brings her abundant previous experience to help showcase the emotional connection that exists between sports fans, teams and players.

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