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Lex van Coeverden, born in The Hague, started playing music as a DJ at the “Schoolradio” at the age of 12, followed by a drive-in show at the age of 14, where he and six friends played weekly at many locations in The Hague and the surrounding area.
Popular styles at the time were mainly American import maxi singles in a wide variety of styles, including a lot of Disco, Funk and Italo.

In the years that followed, he had a weekly mix program during the weekend at Radio Stad The Hague and took part in DJ competitions where he twice reached the finals at Avro's Drie Maal Door Draai.

He also played in various discos, made 3 annual mixes for the TROS (Ferry Maat Soulshow) and in the late 1980s started making mixes / remixes for various record companies.

He started his own label in 1990.
Had some hits in the background (co-producing for third parties) and had a worldwide hit together with Rene vd Weijde under the name Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall.

In the meantime, Lex has moved and built a professional sound studio where, in addition to producing, since 2005 he has also been involved in mastering (preparing) music that will ultimately be pressed on Vinyl.

After a long time, he started to get the itch again to play as a DJ. Together with former DJs from Discotheek de Marathon in The Hague, he can also be heard as a regular DJ at the annual reunions of this discotheque, which was mainly known for the unique music that was played there. was turned.
Records could be heard here well before they became a hit and the genre mainly consisted of import records from the UK, USA, Italy, etc.

Since then, there have been many requests to play as a DJ and that is why he can now be booked through Albert de Boeker

Lex also recently set up his own radio station that can be listened to worldwide 24 hours a day via www.radiocity.nl.

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