Levi Verspeek (NL)

All you need to know about Levi Verspeek is that he is not the same person as Rhadoo, even though their similar appearances deceive even the most professional musicologists. Though not (yet) as famous in Romania, Levi is one of the most familiar names in the Amsterdam. This is partly because in 2013 'Levi' was the second most popular baby name in the Netherlands and partly because Levi himself started popping up behind the decks at some of the most prestigious parties in and around Amsterdam. If the dance, or better, techno scene can be compared with a man’s life, Levi saw this former child rising up and nourished it like a caring mother. Like a wonderfully caring mother. His relationship with machinery started to show at an early age. At the age of 22 he already had his first release on Body Parts: Hans EP. His grooving, driving and freaking sound already started to garner attention from artists like Raresh. Through his straddles and waggles around the town, Levi got kidnapped by Makcim, a bodybuilder turned DJ from Russia. Together they started producing tracks, involving themselves in obnoxiously real and sweat-drenched basement-raves and taking early morning walks through the streets of western Amsterdam. Their combined ideologies jelled the definitive and futurist sharp-cut Daan de Pup EP, which was to be released on the prestigious Raum Musik. He is currently working on an EP for the Dutch label RUIS and is cooking up even more wonderful music. So don't sleep on Levi, that's not comfortable.
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