Leonie Boon (NL)

Speaker (Green Events)

When I started working in the waste sector 15 years ago, the world looked different. As such, the possibilities for processing waste streams, and resources in general, were also very different. Fortunately, a lot has changed ever since. However, one thing never changed: my interest, passion, and enthusiasm for this matter.

Where some people see ‘waste’ as a problem, I see ‘resources’ as a challenge. I get very excited when I can support and advice organizations, companies and municipalities on their sustainable and/or circular goals.

Every question is different and therefore requires custom-made resource plans. It is my specialty to provide appropriate, detailed and realistic resources plans for organizations, companies, and municipalities, with ‘Zero-Waste’ as a result. Since 2017, I do this work via Green Events.

I believe that to get to valuable results, it’s all about collaboration. As such, I want to share my knowledge and experience, and thereby accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

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