Le Prince (NL)

Gino grew up in Amsterdam Zuidoost and was raised by his aunt. He grew up in a musical family listening to jazz, classical music, hiphop, reggae and other genres of music. In his early childhood, he was heavily influenced by traditional Surinamese music and sang in a Kawina, Kaseko Group. He loved making music and he would use the facilities of the local community centre and in youth programmes to make this traditional music. When Gino saw Michael Jackson perform on stage, he made a conscious decision that he wanted to become an artist himself. After many years of practicing, his first major performance was at the Caribbean Kwaku Festival in Amsterdam performing his own Surinamese music. In his teenage years life was tough for the upcoming artist and the tables turned for a life changing experience. After having faced the hard reality of the streets, Gino decided to begin to change his life for the better.
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