Lazare Hoche (FR)

Producer/DJ/Label Owner Charlie Naffah aka Lazare Hoche hasn’t followed a traditional path. Instead of sending demos to labels, waiting patiently for their feedback, and pursuing sought-after slots at trendy nightclubs, Hoche opted to do it all himself. He moved from his hometown outside Paris to the heart of the city, built his own in-home studio, started producing tracks, then launched his own eponymous record label to release them as 12″s. Hoche focused on building a solid catalog of releases, hitting a sweet spot with US house heads all the way to well known Romanian producers. Once he started to appear regularly on stage, releasing several 12″, participated in a few killer collaborations like the noticeable “I Don’t Sync So” series with his good friend Malin Génie and more recently the Mandar project, sales began to climb – and so did Hoche’s reputation. He caught the attention of French icon DJ Gregory aka Point G, who was taken with Lazare’s unique take on traditional sounds and took the 24-year-old producer under his wing. And he did all this while holding down a gig as a student at Paris’s Conservatoire National Des Arts Et Metiers, where he studies construction law, a field that involves dissecting the ethical and legal constraints related to urban construction projects. The LHR catalog to date is eight records deep and features vibe-drenched, no-nonsense house tools from Hoche and his associates including Mandar, the trio he formed with his longtime studio friend, Dutchman Malin Génie, and Danish artist Samuel André Madsen. Lazare is an enthusiastic traditionalist, besotted with house’s forthright rewards: an airtight beat, a grooving bassline, hypnotic instrumental embellishments, and a dose of soul. A bit of a gear nerd, Hoche favors hardware methods like cassette dubs and guitar pedals effect to create an always-personal and slightly twisted sound. Lazare Hoche is also building a reputation as one of the most exciting young DJ talents traveling…
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