Koos Bergmans (NL)

Speaker (Drone Stories)

From flying thousands of drones in the snow to captivating crowds in the middle of a desert, Drone Stories creates aerial light performances using the largest canvas there is, the sky. Flying over ADE in 2022, Ultra Miami, Coachella, and several other festivals all over the globe, Drone Stories adds yet another dimension to any experience. Working alongside a multi-talented team that redefines the word ‘challenge,’ Art Director Koos Bergmans is the creative behind their show concepts and visual identity.

Drone Stories seeks to reshape the intersections between art, design, and technology. Debuting in 2017 with award-winning drone art performance, Franchise Freedom, a creation of Amsterdam art-duo DRIFT in collaboration with Drone Stories, the team produces performances for trailblazing partners and collaborators worldwide.

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