Klandstine (ES)


Born in Málaga, his love for the electronic scene became quite early, in the many Breakbeat events that took place in Málaga during the 2000s.Klandestine's early years in the electronic music were influenced by artists of the likes of Freq Nasty, Autobots, Rennie Piglem or Prodigy. Outside the electronic scene, genres like Reggae, and artists such as Alboroise or Alpha Blondy were also influences at that time. His first active role in the electronic music dates back to 2009, when he embarked on a project by the name of Palanka Warriors. Born as Drum and Bass collective, Palanka Warriors also promoted the free rave movement in Andalucia.

He then moved up North (to Barcelona) for working reasons. It was there where he started his journey into the Techno world. Encouraged and inspired by Barcelona's nightlife and the city artists, specially by his friend Mario Picosso. Over the years, he has been developing and defining his taste for Techno music, being part of structured records helped so much to understand how musical influences does work in the brain of people.

He firmly believes in the power of music as a motivation platform and as a tool to get across his message. His sets are full of different styles within the techno genre, his breaks roots are present (break beat, electro and techno on birmingam style, taking you into a trip of atmospheres and textures full of subtle percussions. INFLUENCES: Surgeon, Regis, Broken English Club, British Murder boys, Planetary Assault Sistem, Oscar Mulero, Exium, Peter Van holssen, Steve Ratchmad, Freddy k, Blawan, Irrational Languaje, Argi and many more

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