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About KK.Z Originally from Shanghai - China, KK started playing instrument since the age of 10. She performed as a flutist in several classical and jazz bands for over 12 years. Studied Music Engineering in Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SHCM) when she was 20, afterwards, KK went abroad to the Netherlands to further her music study in the Hogeschool der Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) in 2014. Throughout her time in the Netherlands for Master of Music degree study, mostly performed as a DJ. She rocked the dance floor with her DJ sets on 2016 Chinese New Year event in Amsterdam; Dance clubs in Rotterdam and Utrecht. KK is also a music producer and singer/songwriter. She released several songs in one year with Dutch music producer Qomodo, such as Angel Tea , Moony , Gasp . Her style is from Future Bass, Bass House, China-Wave to Dream Pop. 关于KK 来自上海的 90 KK 自幼学 音乐,从十岁开始学 古典长笛 过去的她作 一 古典和爵士长笛乐手超过 十二年 从上海音乐学院音乐工程系本科毕业,随 KK 在 2014 年去荷兰乌特勒支艺术学院继续深造 在荷兰音乐研究 学 期间, 她曾在荷兰阿姆斯特 乌特勒支 鹿特 等多地演出 KK 时 是一位高产的制作人/唱作人 在 2017 年她与荷兰制作人 Qomodo 以组合的形式发布了多首作 品,例如 Angel Tea , Moony , Gasp 等 她的音乐风格贯穿 Future Bass,House,中国风电 再到 Dream Pop
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