Kimmah (NL)


They say the best things come in small packages and Kimmah is no exception to the rule. She jokes, “I can usually only see the first row of hyped-up dancers and they really make my night.” But rest assured, she has the people jumping all the way to the back of the club with her high-energy track selections. Favouring higher tempos, she delivers fast and funky electro that gets the sweat dripping down from the ceiling.

With regular excursions into acid, breaks, punk and rap, she matches the grit and sleaze with plenty of bump and grind, for a full body dancefloor workout. And she often pays tribute to her heritage by teasing in sounds from the burgeoning scenes right across Vietnam.

Born in Utrecht, with time spent studying architecture and urban design in Delft and Berlin before landing in Rotterdam, she’s picked up ideas and inspirations from every city she’s called home. Locked down in lockdown with only some battered CDJs and a turntable to keep her company, she got to work developing her laser-focused skills behind the decks.

Emerging from the lab once restrictions were lifted with a terminator-like tenacity, there’s nothing now that can get in her way. As resilient as a T-1000, and armed to the teeth with sci-fi sounds more advanced than anything Skynet could ever produce, she’s one to keep on your radar.

Since her radio debut in May 2021 it’s been all systems go, with a non-stop string of appearances across the Netherlands’ best clubs, including BIT, Garage Noord, OOST, Perron, PIP and Poing. 2022 saw her pack in two tours of Vietnam, and she’s teamed up with Rotterdam’s Pinkman Records as part of the roster for their 10-year anniversary world tour in 2023.

As a former resident of Rotterdam’s FOMO collective she cut her teeth playing and programming events throughout the city’s industrial basements. This period fused her love for raw electronic music with her interest in spatial design and creating safer club spaces.

Before departing the group to pursue her own DJing, she was involved in writing policies to protect the dancefloor experience. And with her master’s in urban design, she has future aspirations to see nightlife become part of the long term planning in Rotterdam and beyond.

Named by DJ Mag as an emerging artist in June 2022, she’s

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