Kim Tawjoeram (NL)


Kim Tawjoeram started dancing at the age of 12. In addition to dancing, she works as a cultural entrepreneur and in 2009 she obtained her 1st dan in Karate at RebelSport.

She won several competitions with the dance group she danced in at the time, which motivated her to get more out of dancing. From the age of 18 she went dancing in Rotterdam and Amsterdam where she further immersed herself in the dance styles Hiphop and Housedance. From that moment on she participated in various battles both in the Netherlands and abroad. With several titles to her name and positive experiences from the dance scene, she started teaching.

She likes to pass on her experiences and knowledge to the next generation of dancers. As head of the dance department, she therefore finds it important that the dance teachers propagate and convey the same vision to the students. As a team, we motivate the students to think creatively and to feel comfortable and confident in what they do.

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