Karlheinz (IT)


His first contact with music took place when he first touched the keys of a piano and, after that, he moved on to studying classic guitar. He stopped musical studies but the passion for music didn’t end at all, especially for what concerns the technical aspects of audio playing. He worked in the Hi-Fi Hi-End industry, high quality audio playing, traveling a lot especially to Germany and Switzerland in order to find the perfect sound. Missing too much playing and creating, he has been going back to musical production since some time.
He defines his music as Techno Fusion, that is a mix of acid and dark sounds blended with dynamic and engaging metrics and rhythms. His stage name is KARLHEINZ, chosen as a tribute to Karlheinz Stockhausen – one of the greatest musical visionary of the 20th century – with whom he shares the passion for research and the will to experiment in his compositions, which are characterised by arpeggiators and synthesizers. DJ and producer in constant evolution, he is always ready to experiment new, uncommon paths, inventing innovative languages in the process. From the first EP, released with the TrackPark label of the Proceed Records division, the mix of sound and production sophistication can be seen. Immediately reaching significant positions in the reference rankings and with over ten tracks in the TOP10. Found HAKA Project with Haldo, an innovative and visionary production duo. The first EP released "SHAMS" a seven tracks concept for the prestigious label Cafe de Anatolia. The various productions have been included in different collections, including Deep Formentera, Cotê d’Azur (Buddha Bar), CLAPS Records and Love Vibration Nation & R3UK (The Grammy Nominated). Techno is its sound, but with House, Minimal, Progressive influences. A true Techno Fusion.

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