Karim Miknas (BH)

Speaker (Likwid Productions)

Karim embraces the entire spectrum of house music and believes in moving dancefloors with energy and emotion, while firmly supporting quality. His company Likwid Productions is now in its 23rd year of dedication to the music industry and has regrouped to ignite a fresh new scene in Bahrain. Today, Karim combines his work as the owner of JJ’s Irish Restaurant, a project that has been rebranded and relaunched in early 2022 after 22 years of success, while also rekindling his love for DJing and drumming. The balancing act isn’t always easy, but that’s the kind of dedication Karim puts into everything he does. He remains one of the most influential venue developers and musicians in Bahrain and a cornerstone of the house music scene in the Middle East.

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