Kanache (VE)

Kanache, has been always evolved with music, since he was a kid. After many years being part of the Techno and Hard Techno scene in his hometown Barquisimeto, Venezuela, he started to organise Techno & Hard Techno events together with his partners from the ArkTEK Crew, being even more close to the Dj World. One day he decides to learn the art of mixing musics together, and a brand new light came into his life. From that day on, he couldn't stop searching for new and high quality music, while practicing his skills, until he was finally ready to present a mix set at one of his parties. It was the BOMB, and the crowd went crazy! Dj Kanache presents really precise and aggressive mixing technics, a lot of energy and explosive connexion with the party people. Being part of the crowd, has helped Kanache to develop the intuition on how to make a dance floor amazed! Charism, good taste on his music selection and an incredible performance, are the characteristics of this young and talented Dj! Now he is based in Barcelona, Spain, working on his music production and preparing himself for the next gigs.
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