Kalte Liebe (DE)


The Berlin-based producer duo Kalte Liebe keeps drawing their inspiration from Post-Punk, Grunge, Dark Wave, EBM, and Techno.

Coming with years-long experiences in different musical projects ranging from beat-making over metal bands, and more they started back in 2019 using a drum machine, a bass synth, and a wasted microphone, only.

Authentically recorded in a 12 square meter room Kalte Liebe started out as an experiment combining diverse influences by the likes of DAF, Falco, Thomas P. Heckmann and more into their distinctively analog, raw, and bassline-driven style.

While their productions are mostly consisting of an elaborated mixture of EBM and old-school Dark Wave paired with technoid characteristics and captivating, roughly distorted vocals in German and English the duo equally stands for tool-ish and highly energetic Techno – modern, pounding, and dirty.

With recent releases on labels like 01010100 Records, Vitus Curse and BFT, even more strongly performing self-releases like „Ego EP“ and their recent work „Dopamin“ they are slowly establishing their name in the scene and quickly growing their audience. With loads of unreleased work and their Vocal Live Performance Kalte Liebe is soon to be heard all over.

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