Julien Mier (NL)

I'm Julien, a graduated composer, instrumentalist and sound sculptor from the School of Arts & Technology Utrecht, Netherlands. I combine found sounds with found objects to create a cascade of melodic, textural and rythmique content. To use fragments which have no existence on itself, the composition is my instrument to blend useless musical words in a meaningful way. I've started my journey in 2009, with "Have Courage, Funny Thing." After that I've released my first 12'' record called "The Galaxy Twitch." Which followed up by the first worlwide applauded EP "When Will You Wake Up?" with a vivid videoclip for the single "Watercolour Sky." In 2013 I've released my next 12'' record called "Jane's Junkyard." I've worked with recordlabels as King Deluxe, Shipwrec, Lowriders Collective, Project Mooncircle, Schematic and Squelch & Clap. Some of my publications can be found on 3voor12, 22tracks, XLR8R, Electronic Beats, Vimeo Staff Pick, DJBroadcast, Tsugi Magazine, Reload Magazine, DJMag and Sonic Router.
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