Julie VanDal (US)

Julie Vandal (30) is an Amsterdam-based DJ. Born in the USA, growing up in Belgium and now domesticated in Amsterdam, music has always played an important role in Julie’s life. Her father, who was continuously engaged in the latest music trends, had the newest CD’s and listened to them non stop. From a young age, Julie was constantly listening to all sorts of music. As an adolescent Julie was a fan of Hip Hop and R&B, but later started developing a taste for house music, from artist such as Cassius, Thomas Bangaltar and Daft Punk. When Julie moved to Amsterdam for her studies she started going to festivals and became more passionate about house styles, such as deep house and tech house. She started dreaming of a career as a DJ, but hesitated as she also wanted to develop her academic career. After obtaining her Master’s degree in Psychology, Julie started working as a psychologist and researcher at a hospital. Although never losing touch with music and the party scene, she became more focused on her job and set aside her dream of becoming a DJ. A couple of years later, an opportunity occurred. A good friend (owner of Club Party Girls) asked Julie if she wanted to learn to become a DJ. Without hesitating the answer was yes. Julie got DJ lessons, listened to more and more music, practised at Club Congo in Amsterdam and obtained her first gigs as a DJ. After four months she realised that she spent more time on being a DJ than doing her own job, so she made a huge decision and quit her job. At the moment Julie’s life is all about music. She doing 4 gigs a week thanks to her agency Club Party Girls, regularly posts mixtapes, and is developing a sound of her own. Her ambition is to eventually produce her own music. You will definitely hear more of Julie Vandal in the future.
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