Juan Ramos (PR)


Juan Ramos is a Puerto Rican-American DJ and producer currently residing in Berlin, Germany. As resident DJ of Discodromo’s fabled Cocktail d’Amore party and Berlin institution Wilde Renate he has created a niche for himself at the vanguard of finely curated music that explores a vast range of styles and eras. His reputation for elusive mixing and fearless selection has earned him coveted spots in premier clubs and events across Europe and the US.

As a producer, Juan’s output has found its home with the esteemed ESP Institute as well as cult favourites Ene Tokyo and Cocktail d’Amore Music (both solo and under his shared project GreenVision with fellow space cadet Trent). Showcasing a sophisticated, vivid, and highly textured style, drawing upon a deep wealth of musical references, has garnered Juan praise from discerning music institutions Resident Advisor and Crack Magazine, as well as revered tastemakers such as Japanese author and musicologist Chee Shimizu. 2019 saw the release of his debut album which saw him plunge listeners deep into a stew of jarring textures, incomplete phrases and circus-like abstractions of pop culture.

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