Jovonn (US)

A native of Brooklyn and current resident of Queens (New York), Jovonn has been active in the music scene since the age of 10. Supported by his mother, a keyboard player; and father, a guitar/bass player, who were aspiring R&B singers; he was nurtured with a solid musical foundation. Jovonn exploded onto the house scene in 1991 with his second release, “Turn and Runaway” on Warner Bros. Records, which reached number 10 on the Billboard chart and catapulted Jovonn on to the global scene. In addition to being an internationally renowned producer and club DJ, as well as a singer, songwriter and musician, Jovonn, founded his first record label, Goldtone Records, in the early 1990’s via Emotive Records. Since then Jovonn has produced more than 500 records in the House, R&B, Hip-Hop and Neosoul genres, not to mention film scores and soundtracks. But it needs to be said that his true love has always been House music. Some of Jovonn's house releases include I Cant make up my mine Dubba dub mix on Body n Deep Rec. "Circle Dance" on Track Mode Rec."YOU on Dogmatik)," Slammin Doors" on Objektivity ,i Cant Hold it Back, on Deeply Rooted. "The March"on Apollonia , Something About this Love (on WestEnd Records), "The Spirit" album (on Track Mode), the "Blaque House" album on Code Red as well as famous underground classics such as "Back In the Dark", "Garage Shelter", "I Can't Make Up My Mind", "I Wanna Go To A Club", that all contain Jovonn's distinctive vocal delivery and trademark production with his gritty sounds, hard kicks, jazzy chords and phat basslines.
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