Jorgensen (NL)

Half Danish, half Dutch, but always 100% dedicated... Some call him a music maniac. Maybe it’s because he has his tentacles in so many different areas of the music industry; Running his label Adapt Recordings, organizing his own festivals “Trix in the Mix” and ‘Insider festival’, dj-ing, and producing Still doesn’t ring a bell? Let us further introduce Jorgensen: Jorgensen got struck with the Dance virus in the early 90’s and immediately started organizing club nights. From there it was just a small effort to step behind the decks himself, where he quickly established himself as a well respected DJ spinning memorable sets. In the studio Jorgensen is equally as passionate. His first release “Untitled” got picked up straight away by Toolroom Records. Ever since he has been producing and remixing for labels such as: Spinnin, Toolroom, Sony Music, Ministry of Sound, Waterfresh and his own label Adapt of course. With over 200 releases, he is even more dedicated than the day he started! His little baby Adapt Recordings has grown to an established label with several top10 positions in the Tech House chars globally. His skills are not limited to producing. He is also a highly skilled DJ, performing for crowds all over the world. Clubs, festivals, no crowd is safe for the energy he unleashes. He has a way of connecting with the audience and taking them on an intense journey through cutting edge grooves, with only one goal: crowd satisfaction! Jorgensen has raised the bar yet again for 2014 with his own label Adapt Recordings. He wants to take a new yet revived approach to electronic dance music as a DJ and producer. He recently quoted: “ We receive so many outstanding productions each day, that me and the Adapt Team decided to do more releases on a monthly basis, with quality house music from the respected names and new kids pulling the wagon for a new generation! I wanted to create a label that embraced the spirit of electronic dance music in the late 80’s. An era in which music wasn’t pigeon-holed constantly and DJ’s were versatile and eclectic. And so far we did goooooood! ”
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