Joey Daniel (NL)

Never one to make a brief impression, Joey Daniel is here for the long run. Perhaps a common remark in these DJ infected days, nevertheless this is an artist who's been taking his time, slowly excelling in amazing performances as well as building a reputation for his renowned 300MPH events. By now, Joey Daniel has reached new heights, one of Holland's most well-known techno artists is about to make even bigger waves. Coming from Rotterdam, where legendary names like Speedy J and Michel de Hey ruled its vibrant nightlife, it was only a matter of time before Joey Daniel would dedicate himself to techno music. From a heavy clubber, he quickly took things to the stage, making himself noted with residencies in major clubs like Off-Corso and Now & Wow. In the latter venue, Joey Daniel also took on the role of a programmer, gaining nightlife experience before taking things into his own hands. As a result, by the time he started the notorious Selektor club events in Off-Corso, Joey Daniel had risen to become a major tastemaker in the Rotterdam techno scene -it was time to push on. Having recently moved to Amsterdam he's evolving into new territory, spending more and more time in the studio, preparing some exciting new releases.
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